Bertie Bluebottle Maze Printable Puzzle

Bertie is a bluebottle and like many of his friend insects, he loves strawberry jam!

Guess what? Bertie has spotted some tasty jam that he’d love to have for his dinner. The only problem is, he’s got to find his way through the spider’s web to get to it!

Can you help Bertie Bluebottle fly safely through the spiders web maze to reach the jam? Watch out for those hungry spiders! They want to eat Bertie, oh no!

Can you think of anything that you could do to stop Bertie eating the jam if it was in your kitchen?

Why not Download the Bertie Bluebottle Maze Puzzle and see if you can help Bertie.

For Parents

This activity is aimed at 3 to 7 year olds, it’s a fun way to raise your child’s interest in gardening, as well as building their problem solving skills.

We have many other games and puzzles in the Download section which can be reached from the sidebar on the left. All our printable puzzles are completely free and are great to keep on hand for kids to do at any time, or as a fun rainy day activity.

All of our puzzles are supplied as a pdf so you’ll need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your system. If you haven’t, Google it and you’ll find lots of places and instructions on how to get it.

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