Kids’ Quiz: What Sort of Gardener Are You?

The word “gardening” covers such a lot of things. Planting flowers, ‘growing your own’ and looking after a pond – it’s all gardening, but it’s all very different. Where do your outdoor interests really lie – are you a florist, a farmer or a nature warden at heart? Is your idea of the perfect garden overflowing with flowers, water features, bird boxes or vegetables?

Whether you’ve been interested in gardening for ages, or you’re just about to start, finding out the answer to that question could help you get the best out of your time outdoors, and help you plan your own ideal garden.

So, what sort of gardener are you? Work your way through our fun little quiz, and find out for yourself.

1. If you had to pick JUST ONE plant to grow in your garden, which would it be?

a) Rose

b) Potato plant

c) Buddleia (the ‘butterfly bush’).

2. Which of these British plants is your favourite?

a) Wild primrose

b) Blackberry / bramble

c) Wild water lily

3. When you go to the garden centre, what do you always want to see first?

a) The seed packets and bedding plants

b) Tools and garden tractors

c) Bird boxes and pond plants

4. Who is your favourite garden creepy-crawly?

a) Bee

b) Earthworm

c) Dragon fly

5. When is your favourite time in the garden?

a) When it’s sunny

b) Just after it rains

c) First thing in the morning

6. Which are your favourite seasons in the gardening year?

a) Spring and Summer

b) Summer and Autumn

c) All year round

7. If you could add one new thing to your garden, what would it be?

a) A greenhouse or a cold frame

b) A poly-tunnel or a raised bed

c) A big pond or a hide for watching wildlife

8. Which of these did you get – or do you want to buy – first?

a) A seed tray

b) A trowel

c) A bird box

9. Which of the following makes you smile most?

a) Seeing that some seeds have germinated

b) Seeing that there’s some fruit growing

c) Seeing tadpoles hatching out of frogspawn

10. Which of these rather special plants would you like to try to grow?

a) Bird of Paradise Flower

b) Cape Gooseberry (Kiwi Fruit)

c) Venus Fly-Trap

Almost Finished

Well done, you’re nearly there! One last thing: just complete this sentence in less than ten words:

“I really love gardening because …………………………………………………”

OK, now it’s time to find out the results!

Mostly (a)s

You sound like a young landscape architect in the making! It’s the sight and ‘feel’ of a garden that really appeals to you. Your ideal outdoor space would be full of interesting shapes, vibrant colours and wonderful scents, to make the garden a great place to be all year round.

Mostly (b)s

You’re a bit of a back-garden farmer. Nothing appeals to you about gardening quite so much as the chance to ‘grow your own’, so your ideal garden would give you plenty of opportunity to do just that – from summer salad crops through to winter vegetables, if you can grow it to eat, then it’s probably a plant for you!

Mostly (c)s

You’re a born nature warden and from your point of view, a garden’s all about the wildlife that lives in it, or pops in for a visit. Your ideal garden will be full of all sorts of wildlife-friendly plants and features, with just the right amount of suitable bird, bat and bee boxes to give your wild friends a place to call home.

Of course, if your answers aren’t mostly anything – more a jumble of (a)s, (b)s and (c)s – then you’re one of those lucky sorts of people who just enjoys it all. Your ideal garden will give you the chance to just about anything and everything, and one thing’s for sure, with so much to do, you are never going to be bored!

Did you recognise yourself – and do you agree? How does it tie up with how you see things, and what you said in the “I really love gardening because…” part? In the end, it’s only a bit of fun; it really doesn’t matter what sort of gardener you are, just so long as you have lots of fun gardening!

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