Butterfly Cut Out Sheet

Butterflies are beautiful creatures and they love to flutter round the garden. Have you seen any butterflies in your garden or at the park? The time to look out for them is usually when the weather gets warmer as they love all the brightly coloured flowers, that bloom in late spring and summer. Butterflies can sometimes look just as pretty as the flowers themselves.

Our butterfly is looking a little bit a pale – can you colour it in with lots of bright colours? You could even use glitter and collage paper. Stick the butterfly onto cardboard, such as a cereal box, then carefully cut out the butterfly along the dotted line. Pierce a hole at the top and thread some string through. Make sure you ask a grown up to help with cutting out and making the hole.

You could hang up your butterfly in your bedroom or in the garden.

Why not Download the Butterfly Cut Out Sheet and have some good decorating fun.

For Parents

This activity is aimed at 3 to 7 year olds, it’s a fun way to raise your child’s interest in gardening and wildlife, as well as building their creative skills.

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