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Making a Wormery

Wormeries are nothing more than enclosed containers that house earthworms, which break down organic matter. [...]

Bringing Butterflies Into Your Garden

Butterflies are fascinating creatures. One of the greatest ways for kids to learn about and [...]

Learning About, Making and Using Compost

No matter how poor the soil in your garden is, amending it with compost will [...]

Leaf Collecting

Leaf collecting is an easy and fun way to teach kids. Whether you use them [...]

Snail Trail Hunt

Snails make interesting learning tools for kids and can be easily located by following the [...]

How to Make a Silly Scarecrow

Scarecrows are not just for scaring off the birds. They also make interesting accents in [...]

Build a Bird House

Not all birds make their homes in trees or shrubs. Sometimes they need a little [...]