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Gardening is a great activity for children and it can be a wonderfully educational one, too.The garden can be a great place to teach your kids a little biology and introduce them to the wonders of the natural world in a way that's fun and likely to spark an interest that will last a lifetime.
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Latest Comments
  • shikhs
    Re: Teaching Kids About Soil
    Simple n awesome way of explaining layers of soil by dirt cups.I would do it today Do keep sending such stuff Thanks
    12 January 2016
  • may
    Re: Teach Kids About Pollination
    I appreciate the good seed you planting into the most vulnerable girls and boys,women and men. I have come to understand more…
    20 November 2015
  • chi
    Re: Teaching Kids About Soil
    Hi, I need to know how to teach soil science to my 4 years old. Thank you for your wonderful write ups.
    21 October 2015
  • TheKidsGarden
    Re: Improving a Child's Memory Through Gardening
    @emmie. You could try using sterilised compost for this purpose. Although it will still be important for the…
    3 November 2014
  • Emmie
    Re: Improving a Child's Memory Through Gardening
    I work in the nursery we don't have any soil I've brought a tube to put soil in for them To dig is top soil…
    1 November 2014
  • Nancy
    Re: Which Are the Quickest Growing Fruit and Vegetables?
    I have an apple tree in the garden that is about 80 years old. In the last year a large hole has…
    17 September 2014
  • TheKidsGarden
    Re: Avoid Accidents in the Garden
    @Flip. We ask for name and email address just once for each download. Once you have downloaded you can save and use as many times…
    11 September 2014
  • Flip
    Re: Avoid Accidents in the Garden
    Hi Love the wesite and lots of information but find it repetative whn once I have registered I have to keep entering my personal…
    10 September 2014
  • jan
    Re: Making a Wormery
    just starting a wormery this site has been most useful
    3 August 2014
  • Danny-Jay
    Re: Garden Recycling
    At my school, we have a small wildlife pond in our wildlife area and a local artist made a metal work pond cover. there are 'hatches' that can be…
    1 July 2014
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